Sales Representative

Hire a Sales Rep

We understand that not all companies should or need to hire a full time or long term representative for various reasons. We at SalesMatter realized that many businesses would like a seasoned professional but have difficulties finding such a person, for shorter projects.

Here is how we can help your business:

• Business development
• Local representation
• Testing new markets and products
• Comparing your teams results with ours
• Maintaining business relationship
• Trade shows

Now, before you do hire us or a full time sales representative, one of the biggest mistakes we have seen is early-stage start-ups or small business is hiring “seasoned” sales professionals too early.

Here is my recommended approach first. Have you spent time selling to your prospects as this is the best way to find out what your prospects problems are and how good your solution currently is at mapping to their needs.

One problem we have seen is that in an early stage business is that there probably isn't a perfect fit between your early product and a customer’s needs. You will learn that by showing them your product, watching their reactions, asking them questions about what they’d like to see improved and then talking with the development team about what you've learned and how you can incorporate it into your product. Repeat this process many times and you’ll see patterns.

Once you've started to get alignment between your product offering and what customers want, you now can hire a sales person!

You now should have a good feel for the customer pain, how you solve it, how your product differs from competitors and what the acceptable price points for your product should be. If you don’t have an understanding of these issues you’re not ready to hire a sales person.

So, if you are a start-up or business that is looking to expand, I do urge you to test out your markets first before jumping in with an assumption about your market. If by any chance you are unsure, we can help you with our marketing research.